Maximize arousal, pleasure and intimacy by unleashing the Power of Touch

- Mandy, London, UK

 "....an easy to follow and informative guide. It's added a new dimension to our lovemaking" 
     -  Jane D, Winnipeg, Canada


"thank you very much Maya & Guido, for improving our marriage! My wife and I decided to try something new when life's frustrations were affecting things in the bedroom. It's been a gradual process, but I can honestly say that I underestimated the affect that your book and techniques would have. In just a few months, I have never felt so alive and connected in my marriage. Not only do we feel more relaxed and sensual, but my wife's drive has returned full throttle! Thanks Again "
- Alex, New England

"Who would ever guess that massage would be such an electrifying and erotic affair! Thanks for opening my eyes."
- Michael W, London, UK


 "....I especially loved the trantric massage techniques and so did my boyfriend"

- Sam E, New York, USA

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 "My wife and I would like to tell you how much we enjoyed your book. Even after 20 years of marriage we're learning new ways to please each other and strengthen the bond between us. The Erotic Massage Guide, has given us a range of new ideas and we have greatly enjoyed trying them out."
              - Mr & Mrs Coleman, LA, California, USA


 "..my partner and I have indulged in massaging each other for sometime, but we didn't really have any idea what we were doing, and how much pleasure we could get out of the experience. ..Thanks to your book, we have taken our massages alot more seriously. ..The tantric massages have been great, and my partner has finally learned how I really like to be touched.."
- Ruth, Dallas, Texas, USA


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