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sexual healingTantra refers to ‘Expansion’ in Sanskrit, and the philosophy and teachings were said to unfold AD 400-600 in India. Tantra is the process of developing awareness of the body, emotions, and soul through sex, touch and sensuality. Sex becomes the process whereby dormant kundalini (life) energy (represented as a serpent coiled 3.5 times at the base of the spine) becomes awakened, moves up through the body, thereby transmuting physical passion and energy to spiritual ecstasy.

Eastern medicine recognizes the combination of physical and emotional energy that lies at the core of Tantra. In Eastern medicine, the health of the “chakras” is crucial in regards to complete well-being. Chakras are the seven energy centers located on the spine, and each is said to Tantric Massage control one of the basic energies. Aligning and balancing one’s charkas is an essential element in both yoga and Tantra.

For those seeking to incorporate a deeper and more intimate level to their sex lives, Tantric massage practices will create both an increased awareness of pleasure and stimulation, and a better understanding of the needs and expectations of your partner. Tantra is a journey of awareness, and once fully experienced, can lead to emotional intimacy like never before.

The Eastern-based philosophy of Tantra deals with the entire body—both physical and spiritual. It is by accessing the deeper regions of ourselves, allowing our partner to see all that we are and opening ourselves to true intimacy, that we can use Tantric practices to experience more physical pleasure as well.

Tantric MassageTantric sex opens up new worlds—by awakening our senses, Tantra stimulates parts of our being we never knew existed! For men and women, unimaginable depths and soaring heights of satisfaction and sensual intimacy are literally at your fingertips when you are able to comprehend and harness the power of Tantra and Tantric sensuality.

Many other tips can be found in The Erotic Massage Guide It will help you discover the methods for preparing the perfect erotic massage experience. Now you'll have all your bases covered so you and your lover can get down to business and focus on fulfilling your desires.

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