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Compared to the western lingo, the description of the vagina as yoni or sacred place - makes it so much more inviting than it already is.

To rever the yoni in all it's splendid glory is the duty of a great lover.

The purpose of a tantric yoni massage (or intimate female massage) is not orgasm, rather pleasure, connection and awareness. Both the giver and receiver should be relaxed, the atmosphere warm and inviting, both parties should aim to breathe slowly and deeply at the start of the yoni massage, during and at the finale. This keep you relaxed, focused and energised.

Create the space to allow her to relax, let go and enjoy this incredible world of pleasure and sensations.

The lady should lie on her back, with pillows under her head, or seated on a bed or chair, with her legs splayed. Use a towl or sheet over the area, incase she's a bit shy or cold. The giver should sit or kneel between the legs to get good access to the yoni and the surrounding area.

Now is the time to admire the view, carress it, rever it, tell her how wonderfull she looks.

Remember : don't go near the yoni until you have got her aroused to some degree - either with some erotic massage, foreplay, sex talk. If you're not sure - ask her!

Start by gently and slowly inserting one finger, with the palm up. Rest the hand still for a few minutes, to allow her to enjoy the sensations. Slowly massage the inner walls of the vagina.

Yoni Massage | Female Genital MassageAfter about 10minutes - you should be able to feel her aroused yoni to swell on your finger. Now insert the 2nd finger (again the palm should face up), repeat the internal massage.

Use the other hand to gently carress the other parts of the body.

Now follwing atleast 20minutes of yoni massage play, you could proceed to clit massge. The clit is amazing piece of godly ingenuity - with an estimated 7000 nerve endings!

If she gets very aroused - stop or slow your movements, and get her to continue with the deep breathing.


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