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The prostate is known as the male G-spot - Tantrists consider the Gpot a centre of male emotions, and massageing this area can release a myriad of emotions such as pleasure, ectasy and healing.

It is located just under the bladder, and can be felt by entering the anus (although it is seperated by the rectal wall membrane). Massaging the prostate via the anus, can be incredibly pleasureable for alot men, and of course lead to orgasm.

Sensual Prostate Massage



Why Prostate Massage is Fun

Sensual Male Massage
1. Takes You Towards Orgasm:

Massaging the prostate can lead to an ejaculatory reflex.

2. Pleasure Receptors:

The sensitity of the anus and surrounding area (anal massage), can it's self be very pleasureable.

3. Hidden Penis : 1/3 of the Penis's nerve endings reside in the body:

Therefore massaging the base of the penis and perineum makes prostate massage an even more pleasureable experience

4. Warning - can be Euphoric:

Having some one enter you and do a little massage - involves trust and intimacy, and can be incredibly healing and nurturing.

Men are so used to being the performer, and working hard to achieve, that they often forget that also need to surrender to another and allow themselves to receive pleasure, attention, and sensual touch.




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