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Dear Friend,

    • Are you looking for that magic ingredient to take your love making to a new level?
    • Are you frustrated with the bedroom etiquette – and want more pleasure, intimacy, excitement, sensuality and eroticism? (and no – it is not the same thing as having sex!)
    • Do you desire to be a great lover? An expert of his or her body?
    • Do you really know what gets their juices going?
    • Have you ever really wanted to feel their body melt in your hands?
    • Do you want to feel real intimacy, experience healing touch, and deepen the love and communication you have - or would like to have - for your partner?
    • Do you know how to get your lover – mind, body and soul, to crave your essence?

    Well stop thinking, and start learning!

    The human mind and body are constantly exposed to stress, and as we know stress dulls the mind and senses. It is simply – sensory overload and the and mind and body shut down to compensate.

    By taking the time to envelope my lover's body with amazing sensations I discovered that I could reduce their stress levels (as well as mine!) , lift mood, create a sizzling erotic experience, give incredible pleasure, and induce a state of the deepest relaxation. All while exploring every inch of their body.

    Within this deep and profound relaxation – touch, pleasure, intimacy, seduction and arousal were all increased 10, 20, 50x over.

    I’m sure you’ll agree with me, that physical and emotional pleasure is a wonderfull conduit to relaxation, great health, glow, vitiality and intimacy.The exploration of new ideas and the expansion of the mind is what makes us grow. New experiences give us the opportunities to add to the quality and depth of our lives.

    The Art Of Sensual Massage | Tantric Massage

    I’ve been there myself – looking for that something extra in the bedroom, my relationship and my life. I have had a life long love affair with Tantra and Eroticism and after exploring all forms of massage – sensual, deep tissue, and even Eastern forms such as Tantric, I put down all the concepts, ideas and practical advice for my friends so that they could use these tools right away in their lives. Encouraged by the positive feedback I decided to do more research – and went back to the books and lovers to add even more great information, tips and real time hands-on experience to the book. I learned from my lovers, spoken to couples, men and women – all gratefully sharing their stories, and tips to what really works.

    You Owe it to Yourself and Your Lover – to Unleash the Power of Touch TODAY!

    Erotic Tantric Massage Skills

    #1 Discover the forms of Erotic Massage – including Tantric and discover a new world of bliss, seduction, sensation and pleasure

    Learn the necessary steps and stages involved in preparing a sensational erotic massage experience i.e. complete mind, body and spirit satisfaction

    • Discover the theory behind Tantric Massage and appreciate the incredible significance of this act in your life and relationship
    • Learn the real goal behind Erotic and Tantric Massage and boost the pulsing energy and vitality in your body as well as incredible peace of mind
    • Learn Ancient Tantric practices to elevate your conscienceness, intimacy and pleasure to an entirely new plane

    In order to give a great erotic massage it is essential to appreciate the significance of this amazing experience to ourselves and to our partners. The deeper you’re appreciation and understanding of erotic pleasure – the deeper your experience will be.

    #2 Communication and Why It Is So Important in
    ‘Sexing the Mind’

    It goes without saying that you need to communicate well with your beloved in order to give a good massage. Learn how this Erotic Experience becomes one of the greatest communications every given

    • Intention Rules the World’ Oprah : How and why this one word can define the essence and direction of your life and erotic massage experience
    • Use the power of words to create the mood you want your beloved to be in : hot, vibrant and waiting for your touch!
    • The right way to talk dirty – master this skill and they won't be able to get you out of their mind!

    The mind is indeed the greatest and most powerful sex organ. Tap into their 'trigger points' to begin the road to full body and mind arousal and seduction.

    #3 How to Prepare for an Erotic Massage
    the dazzle is in the Detail!

    Learn How to Prepare an amazing Erotic Massage to create an unforgettable and fulfilling experience each and every time

    • How to create a sizzling and indulgent atmosphere in a room to get your love interest in the mood
    • Learn which oils and aromatherapy essences you need to create the mood you desire – relaxed, uplifted, sensual, hot
    • The Importance of the 5 Seduction Keys in tantilising the senses and how these will enhance their whole body erotic experience
    • Why breathing is so importance to heighten sensation and arousal – learn why the early Tantrics rated this one of the most important skills in your life

    Preparation is the key to a great massage. Miss out any of these steps and you’ll leave them with a wimper – rather than a bang!

    Intimate Bathing | Sensual Couple Massage

    #4 The Ancient Ritual of Bathing Together and how it Can Enhance Your Erotic Experience

    Indulge in Tantric Bathing –and Turn Your Bath or Shower in to a Sensual and Erotic Experience in in Its Own Right!

    • Learn exacty how to turn your daily bath or shower into a luxurious erotic experience, perfect for those cosy nights in
    • Discover the self-awareness Tantric routine for bathing and experience more self – love, acceptance and appreciation
    • Utilise the essence of water to wash away any stresses, frustrations, anxieties..and heighten their state of pleasure, relaxation and intimacy

    The art of washing can be a healing and magical experience – start today and drag your lover into the bathroom!

    #5 Really Indulge His or Her Desire to be Adorded Head to Toe – and Learn to Caress the Feet to Promote
    Deep Relaxation and Arousal

    Indulge that powerhouse of nerve endings – How Erotic Foot and Hand Massage Can be the Doorway to a new world of pleasure. You will never look at feet in the same way. Guaranteed.
    • Give the hardest working parts of the body the care and indulgence they need and pamper your beloved today
    • Learn the right techniques to foot and hand massage to give a focused erotic massage pleasure experience
    • Discover the pressure points on the hands and feet to enhance pleasure, deepen relaxtion and promote great health!

    Not just for the fetish enthusiast, erotic foot massage can be oneof the greatest gifts you could give a tired and stressed out partner or beloved. Believe me - you just have to try it at least once!

    Sensual Body Massage | Tushy Massage

    #6 The Full Body Massage – Get The Know -
    How to Wrap Your Beloved’s Body With Pleasure

    Learn all the key strokes you need to pamper your beloved from head to toe.

    • The key massage strokes to stimulate, soothe, any part of the body. From firm to butterfly touches, from pummelling to long slow glides. Get the know-how you need today.
    • 3 Massage performances to try out – Standard, Full and Deluxe! Become the pleasure expert you desire to be - whether you have a few hours, or only 20minutes!
    • How to soothe and relax high tension areas such as the back, neck and buttocks and have them melt in your hands

    Learn to hit the spots that are craving that extra love and attention. Be that artist and write yourself all over their body


    Erotic Female Massage - Tantra Yoni Massage

    #7 Female Genital Massage
    (Yoni Massage)

    Learn the Ancient Tantric Techniques To Awaken and Satisfy Your Goddess’s Every Need and desire.

    • Learn how to seduce and excite her between the legs, just with some warm oil and your soothing hands
    • The key massage strokes to use on her vulva, clit, and vagina to give her a world of sensations and complete satisfaction
    • Vaginal Self-Massage Technique : Learn the Tantric techniques to a pampered, toned and indulged vagina.

    With three times as many nerve endings as the male counterpart, the clittoris craves the pleasure and attention that it was created for. Pleasure your woman today.


    Male Erotic Massage - Tantra Massage For Men

    #8 Male Genital Massage
    (Lingham Massage)

    Learn the Ancient Techniques to male genital massage and give him a new and amazing pleasure experience.

    • Learn the key Tantric strokes to pleasuring the lingham, srotum, and everything inbetween
    • Discover the 'Sacred Spot' on his body (and it's not what you think!) Stimulate this area to give him an intense pleasure extravaganza
    • Prostate Massage Know-How : Hit his G-Spot to intensify that impending orgasm

    A long, slow lingham massage is one of the best presents you could give him. Start now - and turn this pleasure session in a regular ritual

    #9 Really Hit the Spot By Massaging Sexual Pressure Points – during a massage or even sex for a truly Arousing Experience

    Did you know that there was a simple way of increasing your sexual pleasure and stimulation - during any erotic experience?

    • Discover the sexual pressure points on the body to drive him or her even more crazy during foreplay, sex, and even an erotic massage.
    • How to intensify the pleasure and stimulation in almost any position, place, or situation!

    Fire him or her up, well before they hit the bedroom. Truly become a pleasure expert - the one that they crave, by knowing exactly how their body works.

    #10 The Doorway to a New World – How to Incorporate Oral Pleasure into Your Erotic Massage For an amazing Finale

    Oral pleasure is one of the most amazing gifts a woman or a man could receive, making feel completely accepted and desired.

    • How and when to top off your amazing Erotic Massage with an oral extravaganza of sensations
    • The key cunnilngus skills you need to send her into orbit – leave these out and you will feel her wilt in your hands
    • The key fellatio skills you need to drive him crazy!

    Get the key skills to giving him or her an unforgettable experience!

    #11 Bonus Chapter: Fun, Fantasy and … Feathers! The Trio to Always Bring to the Bedroom!

    How to Dissolve Your Inhibitions, Let-Go and Let Your Imagination Run Riot!

    • Unleash your hidden desires and creativity
    • Va Va Voom for the technologically minded – Toys to try out
    • Tantric techniques to enhance sensations, and sensitivity

    What more fun? More excitment? Thrills? Then it's time to open your mind and try out something new. Whether it's feathers, fluffy pink handcuffs, uniforms, or good old fashioned ice-cream - there's no longer any excuses for bedroom boredom!


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    You Owe it to Yourself and Your Lover – to Unleash the Power of Touch TODAY!

    • Discover the many forms of Erotic Massage – including Tantric and explore whole new worlds of pleasure and relaxation

    • Stimulate the Grey Matter : Learn to arouse the largest sex organ ever created - The Human MIND

    • Learn to appreciate their Erogenous Zones: After turning on the mind, turn on the body in so many different ways!

    • How to prepare an Erotic Massage: Get the steps to giving your love (or lust interest) a truly unforgettable experience!

    • Ritual Bathing: Make a dual shower or bath as an erotic an experience as the massage itself

    • Breathe, Breathe, Breathe! Increase your energy and mental clarity, reduce stress, and maximize pleasure and arousal just by breathing correctly

    • Indulge your Foot fetish or theirs! Learn how to give an amazingly satisfying and sensual foot massage. The ultimate gift for a stressed out partner or spouse

    • Electrify your erotic massage repertoire with some amazing oral pleasure. How to do it the right way!

      lesbian foreplay

    • Discover The best and most pleasureable ancient techniques to Female Genital Massage and give her amazing pleasure with your firm, warm and oiled hands

    • Breast Massage Beginners Class : And no it does not involve kneading! How a good breast massage can enhance her physical, emotional and spiritual health and satisfaction

    • How to give him a great tantric massage: Get the top tips to warming up his body, manhood and even his prostate. Most men report an incredible experience!

    • The Sexual Pressure Points Revealed : Learn How to give him or her even more pleasure during a massage or even sex – by stimulating these pressure points on the body.

    • BONUS : Fun, Fantasy and Feathers: How to Add a little or a lot of spice to your life and boudoir ; )

       Great Foreplay Tips - Sensual Seduction

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      Or you could spend a few more months experimenting with your partner, going through the motions, trying out different holidays, foods, books, reacting to the stresses in your life but never really feeling any relaxation, sensuality, pleasure or fun. Not to mention wasting $$ in the process - and without even learning about the incredible benefits of Erotic Massage to your health, vitality, sensuality, intimate relationships, happiness, spiritual bliss contentment and peace of mind.

      Armed with this book and the information contained in the bonus’s
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        • Less stress and greater relaxation and mental clarity
        • Heightened sensuality and sensations
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        • Intense physical pleasure
        • A whole body and mind erotic experience
        • Less aches and pains in the body
        • A toned physique
        • Greater energy,vitality and circulation
        • Deeper and more intense orgasms
        • Increased multi-orgasmic potential
        • Deep healing and self nurture and care

      I’ll leave that to you to decide, but why choose the school of hard knocks when you’ll find all this information and whole lot more in this book!

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      Learn How to Efficiently Decode People's Inner Feelings and Emotions Through Their Body Movements.

      How You Can Use This Knowledge to Succeed in Your Career, Relationships, and Personal. Life This guide will teach you how to recognize various emotions or feelings such as nervousness, openness, anger, boredom, doubt, frustration, or excitement simply by observing facial expressions, postures, and gestures.

      BONUS #3
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      Get Your Ex Back

      BONUS #4
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      Be Yourself Seduction

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