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How to Begin the Male Lingham Massage

The ideal preparation for the giver and reciever is to both relax and prepare the body by bathing/showering.To create a warm and emotionally nurturing environment, both parties could embrace and establish feelings of trust and respect.

lingham massageInitially the male should lie face down, and the partner should start by massaging the whole body - back, legs, and ending at the bum (yes - a tushy massage!). The buttocks should then be massaging in slow luxuirious strokes - with a combination of effleurage and petrissage strokes. The tushy massage is indeed an interesting experience for the male as it creates further deep relaxation, and slow arousal.

After the bum, move your hands to the inner thighs and perinuem - but do not apply too much pressure at this stage.

Now - ask your man to turn over, and lie on his back or to sit up. Either way the legs should be open, and slightly bent at the knees to allow easy access to the nether regions. The giver could sit or kneel between the legs to get good contact. Encourage him to breathe slowly and deeply through the nose, while exhaling through the mouth. Not only is this very relaxing, but it heightens sensitivity to pleasure, and slows down arousal - you don't want him to take off too soon!

Again - start off with a bit of a body massage before diving in. You could massage the legs, chest, arms, face. Vary your strokes and pressure to maintain variety.

Less is More

Pour a little more oil into your hands, and little of the genitals, and begin by massaging the scotum, public bone, perinuem, taking the time to find out what is working more. Again - should he get a bit too excited - encourage him to continue with the deep breathing.

Take your time - apply gentle pressure up along the shaft of the penis / lingham, slowly moving up and torwards the head. At the head start slowly with up and down movements (fingers wrapped around the head).

Keep in mind - the goal of male tantric massage is not orgasm, but a series of profound peaks and troughs of pleasure, awareness, and bliss - Alough orgasm could be the end result. Erotic Male genital massage is also a great way to master control of the orgasmic reflex - therefore making him multi-orgasmic, and allowing the partner alot more pleasure.

Let Go!

Remember men - it's your turn to enjoy.. So let go , sit back and surrender to the feelings and sensations.

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