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Getting Started

In the world of Tantric and erotic massage, atmosphere is everything. The Tantrists, for example, teach that your internal state is inextricably linked to your physical surroundings. That said, if your environment is pure and clean, you'll feel pure and clean. If your environment is in shambles, well…

Good Sense

The best way to approach readying your environment and setting the mood is to appeal to your senses. Use visual elements, along with those that appeal to your senses of smell, sound, taste, and most importantly, touch.

Get Moody

Adorn your designated space with soft linens and pillows. Hang drapes to cover cold, dull wall surfaces. Light some of your favorite incense and put on some soothing and relaxing music. All of these tactics will help you and your lover relax and get into the mood.

Erotic and Sensual Massage involves:

  • The Mind
  • Emotions
  • Soul
  • Body
  • Genitals
  • Pleasure
  • Healing

The Benefits of Erotic Massage

  • Whole body erotic experience
  • Great Stress reliever
  • Emphasizes both emotional and physical pleasure
  • Heightens sensitivity and sensuality
  • Reduces inhibitions during lovemaking
  • Relieves physical pains
  • Improves mood especially as a prelude to other erotic or romantic adventures
  • Promotes a deeper emotional and intimate connection between lovers
  • Can lead to more intense orgasms as deep relaxtion is facilitated
  • Great form of communication

Many other tips can be found in our ebook The Erotic Massage Guide It will help you discover the methods for preparing the perfect erotic massage experience. Now you'll have all your bases covered so you and your lover can get down to business and focus on fulfilling your desires.

Here's more of what you'll learn...

Female Genital Massage

Female Lower Massage | Erotic Female Massage - Tantra Yoni Massage

In Tantra a woman's genital area is referred to as the 'Yoni' or sacred place. To begin female genital massage we need to relax, slow down and admire and rever every inch of her - not to mention between the legs!

Female Erotic Massage Involves the following areas:


Female Breast Massage | Sensual Breast Massage

We live in a stressful world and it seems to be only getting more and more stressful. As a result, we are all looking for ways to help calm things down and make ourselves feel better as a result. There are many ways to do this, from simply relaxing on the couch or spending time with someone we love.

However, there is a new way that is coming along in the West that is changing how women relax and it comes in the form of an erotic massage. This female genital intimate massage is helping more and more women discover the art of sensual massage, to love and honor all aspects of themselves and to learn to relax in their lives.

Tantra massage is something that more and more women are disovering as a way to not only relax, but to find the joys and highs of being intimate with someone they love and trust through an erotic massage.

Male Genital Massage

Erotic Male Massage | Sensual Male Massage

Erotic Male Massage Involves the following areas:

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Ancient techniques detail the process to male genital massage - through different massage strokes, pressure points - some of which help in ejaculatory control (a method which allows a man to control his orgasm untill the point where maximum arousal and relaxation has been achieved i,e, when he has experienced enough pleasure!) In the tantric vocabulary, the male organ is referred to as the lingham, or wand of light. It is seen as pure consciousness or awarenss - whose essence is drawn to the sacredness of the Yoni.


Sensual Male Massage | Erotic male Massage

Through Tantric massage or male erotic massage, you can discover the benefits of being with a partner you love, who understands the fundamentals of male genital massage.



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