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Clit Massage

Maximize arousal, pleasure and intimacy by unleashing
the Power of Touch

Few couples make this the centre piece of their lovemaking, however it can be a mind blowing experice.

So surprise her. Indulge her. Be a true expert of her body, and she will melt in your hands.

Clit massage - is master's skill - require know how, sensitvity, and persistance, as well as great communication between the giver and reiver. Always take the cue from her, and if she's a bit shy, ask questions!

How to start the Clittoris Massage

Find it! Easier said than done you may think. Take agood look at a diagram (you'll find one in the Erotic Massage Guide) , incase you weren't sure. Women's bodies come in all shapes and sizes and the clit is no differnt - some have a hood, on others the hood is retracted. Therefore is you are really really unsure where it is- simply ask her.

Make sure she is eathier lying on her back, or sitting up - the legs should be open and bent at the knee. Ideally sit or kneel between her legs for ease of access. Have a mirror close by ,so that she can watch - this is a huge turn on for many women and is also re-assuring.

Clit Massage(** Just a word of caution - never carry out any intimate masssage, without first indulging her in a full body experince.

This ensures that she is fully relaxed, and that her body is ready for more stimualtion. Also -only use water based lubricants. Do not use mineral or scented oils on or near the genitals).

Start by exploring the territory (do not touch the clit or yoni just yet).. massage her inner thighs, mound, public bone, legs, hair. Touch and feel the softness of the skin, the textures.Slowly spread the vaginal lips , massage around, explore. Do this for about 15- 25 mintes.

Now massge around the clit with your fingers, gently rub the hood - always getting feed back from her. Move up and down and in circles. After atleast 10 minutes, gently push back the hood of the clit, and if she is not too sensitive to direct touch, massage the glans. You can also use your thumb to entering her and massage inside.

Be creative, Be gentle, and Have fun.

For more details and diagrams on
clit massage click here

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Breast Massage or a Yoni / Internal Female Massage Click on the links.



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