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Tantrists beleive a woman's energy is highly concentrated in the boobs. Wearing bras and tight fitting clothes can constrict this energy. A bit of massage can therefore improve the circulation of this energy, reduce build up of toxins and hormones, keep them lovely and toned, and be very healing and nurturing for a woman.

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Breast Massage TipsMen, women and babies - they're all facinated by them. What ever shape or size, they are just lovely. assets need to be looked after, loved and nurtured, as this is also important for a woman's emotional health.

Keep in Mind:

Breast Massage techniques can vary depending on the size , shape and sensitity of woman. As this area is delicate - it is important to always begin with a gentle touch, increasing pressure should she prefer this. An agressive, heavy handed approach - is not at all advisable unless you would like a slap across the face.

How to Give a Sensual Breast Massage

It is recommended to only begin massage - following a body massage - as this ensures that she is relaxed .Ensure that the rest of her body is covered, and that she is warm and comfortable. Start by sprinkly natural / pure cold pressed oil (almond, sesame, olive - minerals oils and scented oils are not recommended), over the breast area and some over your hands. Start at the nipple and move in circles (clockwise and anticlockwise) out towards the arm pit.

Boobs massage is not only pleasureable and nurturing it is also very erotic. So make this an important part of foreplay, or simple a special gift in it's self.

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