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With the exception of our early childhood, most people are not touched enough, and human touch is an incredibly healing, bonding, and nurturing experience. While sex is usually a rush to orgasm, erotic massage can be the slow and focused attention that one can give to a beloved. A kind of slow release orgasm, which permeates every corner of our souls and bodies.

This art form is not for those that are looking for there next sexual thrill – but rather it is solely for those looking to enhance, nurture, and enliven their erotic and intimate experience.

Erotic massage has benefited my world in so many ways. I have more energy, feel more sensual and alive and enjoy and give a great erotic experience every time. My relationship with my partner has also improved – we communicate better (without even communicating!) appreciate the other’s body and sensuality more, and are more responsive to each other’s touch.

Illuminate your life and experience more pleasure through Erotic Massage.

I’m Guido Harris and I have been a freelance writer for a number of years. The focus of my work has been sexual pleasure and techniques, especially those focusing of the exploration of our innate sensuality – i.e. the pleasuring and stimulation of all 5 senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

I discovered erotic massage 3 years ago and without sounding OTT – it has transformed my life. I have since delved into many other massage art forms such as deep tissue, sensual, tantric, - all of which require focus, intention and consideration for the self and the beloved.

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