"How to Become an Amazing Lover, Administer Devine Pleasure, Improve Intimacy in Your Relationship, Give and Experience Sexual Healing -- Just By Discovering the Sensuous Secrets to Erotic and Tantric Massage"

Maximize arousal, pleasure and intimacy by unleashing the Power of Touch

From: Maya Silverman & Guido Harris

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Call it what ever you like - Erotic Massage, Sensual Massage, or Tantric Massage - it amounts to the same thing - one amazing adventure!

If you've ever wanted to experience a truly sensual, relaxing and pleasurable erotic experience then you're on the right page. This site is dedicated to those seeking to explore their erotic and sensual worlds, to increase intimacy and connection between self and lover, to experience slow and luxurious erotic and sensual pleasure - which is often far more powerful, intense and satisfying then sex itself.
Learn what Your Erotic Massage Involves or Discover The New Sensual Massage Techniques You Need to experience bliss, pleasure and intimacy.
A Fabulous "whole body erotic experience"
Great Stress reliever
Emphasizes both emotional and physical pleasure
An Expression of Tantric Sexuality and Spirituality
Heightens sensitivity and sensuality
Increases Self & Body Love and Awareness Especially for Women
Reduces inhibitions during lovemaking
Relieves physical pains
A great body toner and energizer
Improves mood especially as a prelude to other erotic or romantic adventures
Promotes a deeper emotional and intimate connection between lovers
Can lead to more intense orgasms as deep relaxation is facilitated
Can increase sex drive for both men and women
Great form of communication between lovers
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Imagine all the benefits you could incorporate into your life – just by delving into the
World of Erotic Massage
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Body Language Magic

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Get Your Ex Back

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Be Yourself Seduction

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